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Creative coaching with Amanda workshops follows the coaching process to bring fun and creativity.

Forming vision, exploring patterns and blocks, looking at different perspectives, setting stepping stones and pathways will lead you to your desired outcome. Each week will explore a different theme to lead you on a pathway of goal setting that moves you forward. We celebrate your achievements and look at what has been learned. There is no failure, only what works for you, as we explore the right fit. You can grow in confidence in who you are and what you want as we look at identity, values, and patterns that underpin your vision. The answers are within each one of us; coaching is a tool that will unlock the knowing. Let the journey begin!


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Dare to Dream with Amanda

Image by Michael D Beckwith

Dare to dream is a workshop that covers nine weeks of planning a pathway to move you forward to your desired outcome. We question what it is that has stopped you from moving forward in the past. What belief systems are helpful and what are not. Can we build bridges of new habits and behavior that will move you forward? What do you need now to achieve your goal? What do you still need to bring you success? What is achievable and what is not? What is an achievable and a SMART step?  What timeline is needed to achieve your steps to success? In our workshops, there is no failure, only a deeper level of understanding of your learned patterns and how they shape your life. Working with a tool kit of coaching skills can not only help your move forward but can be a lifelong toolkit that can give you the resources that can change your perspective of what is possible. So, are you ready ? Let's  Dare to Dream?

Week One

We explore mood boards to find our hidden dreams, desire, and vision. It is a time of creativity and working not only with our conscious but Subconscious going deeper into the unconscious. It is a fun creative space where anything is possible. We set rules for our group and what is expected in terms of confidentiality, safety, and group ground rules and, boundaries we wish our group to work by.

Week two

We go deeper and explore the vision, using meditation and senses to unlock what is hidden and bring it out clearly as possible. To help clarify in more real terms. What is possible. To form it and name it.

Week three

Who are we in our vision? Who needs to turn up? What will our vision mean to us? We explore our identity and what meaning our vision will have on us and the people around us.

Week four

What are the fears, blocks, and patterns that can stop us from achieving our goals? What bridges can we build to overcome these?  

Week Five

Building new habits that will help us fulfill our goals. Recognizing our triggers and putting in strategies to overcome them.

Week six

Looking at our vision from new perspectives. Stakeholders, three hats, Disney, and lots more. Fun exercises that give us a deeper understanding and perspective of what is needed to fulfill our goals. 

Week seven

What resources do we have?  What do we need to fulfill our vision? A  fun creative exercise to map and brainstorm our pathway to our vision. 

Week eight

What steps do we need to take to get to reach our vision? We build a pathway or pathways of stepping stones of actions we need to take and the time frame needed to achieve it. 

Week nine

Celebration and sharing our vision, plan, and steps with the class.  What we have achieved, what we still have to achieve. Set up a way to be accountable with each other. A buddy system. 

Each week we set a goal and step that will move us forward. We celebrate when we achieve it and learn from why we did not. What trigger, pattern, or habit works against us.  Bringing awareness to our blocks, which we all have. 

Aims and objectives

  • To find and create a vision for our future

  • To explore  and realize our possibilities

  • To explore and recognize our blocks and triggers

  • To challenge the belief systems that keep us blocked

  • Replacing and finding strategies to overcome our blocks and triggers

  • To look at different perspectives to see the problems and needs to achieve our vision

  • To look at our resources and what we still need to reach our goals and vision.

  • Create SMART goals that are achievable and realistic. 

  • Create a stepping stone pathway with bridges over our blocks and triggers that we can follow. 

  • Create accountability for following our pathway to success

Learning outcome

Planing a pathway for future  goal and vision

Understanding what triggers keep us stuck and unable to move forward.

Challenge our perspectives and find solutions and strategies to overcome blocks or triggers that stop us from moving forward. 

Build new habits and rules that will help us move forward. 

Celebrating what steps we have already taken to get us where we are. And, looking at what else is needed to make our vision real. 

Create a list of realistic goals and resources needed that will move us forward to our vision. 

Build an accountability space where we will be encouraged, supported, and will celebrate our success. 


Nine-week Workshop Starting Feburary 2022

The Story of the wound

We all have a story and at some level, all have been wounded. The story of the wound is understanding our wound, having compassion on it and, hearing its voice. Witnessing it acting up in our lives and how we deal with it in the every day of our lives. 

Watercolor Butterfly 19

Have you been wounded and feel no one understands you? Everyone is against you? Thought you are doing your best and it is not enough? Whatever you do, you are judged or condemned. You want just to shut the door and let the world go away. Or you find yourself losing it and then regretting it. In a cycle of comfort feeding or dumbing behavior? Or worst still self-harming. 

Many of us have experienced wounding through abusive words, actions of others, and their effects in our lives; if this sounds like you, then this workshop is for you. 

A safe space to find understanding, compassion, and a voice for our wound. This is a non-judgment space, where you can explore your wound behavior, voice, and needs. This is a space where your can witness and learn more about yourself. Knowing yourself is knowing others. Awareness is the first stage of healing and it is the beginning of the transformation. 

If you long for good relationships that support, understand, and nurture then it begins with you. Join us as we uncover triggers, blockages and so much more. Enjoy the support that comes with being part of a group with women who understand and get you. Let the journey begin. 

The nine-week Workshop is a follow-on from the Story of the wound.  Spring 2022

The healing of our wound

As we gain understanding and awareness of our wounds we look for ways to take back our lives and find healing. This workshop is a place to explore our own journey of healing, ways to respond to our responses and so much more.  

There is a three-day add-on retreat for those who wish to continue with me to the next stage of our journey.  Which will be offered at the end of the nine weeks workshop. You will have a plan and tool kit to take you onto the next stage of your journey. 


These workshops can be taken as a stand-alone program as we gently move through the coaching process to gain self-awareness, understanding that, brings change to our inner landscape and outer world.  Or can be supported by other self-help programs. The walking coach program can be a supported add-on as we move through these stages together from a different perspective. 

As a prayer minister, I offer prayer ministry for those who want it in my intercession, and the prayer group which will follow on from our meeting. Although I work from a Christian perspective, all beliefs systems or none are welcome and these two workshops are not based on the faith of Christianity, but faith in the second workshop is explored from the perspective of all faiths. and healing pathways. 

The three-day workshop that is offered goes deeply into the work, from a Christian perspective and prayer perspective. For those who are not Christian, you will leave this workshop with a plan of action and tool kits of tools that will be of benefit to your journey of healing, where ever it may lead you

For those who want to follow on with me to the three-day workshop,  you will be invited to join the last nine workshops of the  Ministry of the wound.  This will be a workshop that goes deeply into the work of healing and as before will cover nine weeks. You will learn prayer tools that will uncover roots, generational blocks and so much more.  As the name suggests, we will be ministering to the wound.  This will be very deep work and I look forward to traveling with you as travel on a journey that not only gives you understanding in the spiritual realms but into the heart and relationship of God.  Each workshop will have an ebook to follow as well as handouts each week. We welcome feedback, so we can reflect and continue to improve our workshops. 

Workshops include art processes, so come with a dairy or note book that can be written, added art work to express what is being spoken to you.  We use nature around us as we explore the inner voice to speck and teach us. 

Nine-week workshop a follow-up from the Healing the wound Starting Auntumn 2022

Ministering to the wound

In the nine workshop you will  be ministering to the wound, through prayer ministry. You will be given a tool kit of tools to take with you that will bring freedom and brake through. But most of all you will be experiencing the love and relationship of the father and his son Jesus Christ. You will be experiencing the work that was done on the cross first hand as the spirit leads and guilds you through to healing. You will become a witness and paricant of the work of the Holy Spirit. This is not about religion or belief, but about the experience the relationship of God. His heart for his children to heal the broken hearted, set the captives free and so much more. To explain this work, is to limit its work, it is to be experienced and then you will understand it work in your life. 

The three day workshop, will lead you into this work, and allow you to experience its power. It is not a work done to you, but with you and for you.  When God is given space, who knows what he can do and in our workshop, we give space as you sit at the saviours feet and take the better part. 

Watercolor Butterfly 19
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