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The Walking Coach in West Cork

Join one of our three walking coach groups, where we meet in areas of West Cork for pair coaching, friendship, support and, growth. 

Summer Walk
Image by Malcolm Lightbody

Walking to wellness and health

The new year is a time to make good wellness choices for better health. New Goals and vision for 2022. Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, or clear your head. If you like many are great at starting, but soon fall by the way, then walking to wellness and health is for you. We are a group that supports and encourages each other. Using coaching processes to address identity, root causes, and blocks that have kept you trapped in old patterns of behavior. To hasten you on your journey to health and well-being where you will feel alive and supported. This is perfect to add to any other wellness programs as it will support and help in the journey or it will be a good stand-alone program that will support change. Giving you tools that can be used over and over again. 

Image by Malcolm Lightbody

Walking coach includes;

Face book private contact page,  with Information and support with

 this week's coaching processes.

What's up group, to keep up with where we are meeting. 

Pair coaching for our  walking with a group

Support and encouragement

Choice of one or two walking sessions a week, when available.

Flexibility and choice

Coaching processes and tool kit

Walking with the walking coaching in different locations across West Cork

Or walking with pairs in the local area

Facebook creates the perfect space to find others who want to pair with you. Outside class And of course, nothing stops you from meeting again for another look at this week's coaching process. 

Image by Malcolm Lightbody

Our focus

This Yearly Programme is focused on the inner YOU, your identity and vision of who you are, and who you want to be. Beautful and unique. Finding connection, purpose in your inner landscape as we connect to the world around us. 

Image by Malcolm Lightbody

Our three Groups for 2020

  • We will be in Kinsale from the 7th to the 4th on Mondays. Meeting at different locations in and around Kinsale. 

  • We will be in Rosscarbery from the 8th February to the 5th April meeting at different locations around

  • We will be in Gougane Barra from the 9th of February to the 6th of April. Enjoy the many walks available. 

It is hope we can meet afterward for some refreshments to meet any personal questions and support. 

Image by Malcolm Lightbody


The average price for coaching is about 50 euros a session. In our walking Group, you receive at least 9 sessions for less than the price of two. The exciting news is you can have nine weeks of coaching support, you can be part of a workshop dealing with wounding. The program is a yearly program of three sessions of nine weeks running from February to December with a summer break. All groups are interchangeable which allows flexibility and choice. We are aware that life happens and so each week may look very different, but with our flexibility, you can still find a way to keep going and meet your goals or vision. 

Image by Malcolm Lightbody

Walking is man's best medicine


Every Journey begins with a single Step

It is your road and yours alone

Others may walk it with you,

But no one can walk it for you

But we can share the journey together. 

Image by Malcolm Lightbody
Image by Malcolm Lightbody

Come prepare

I look forward to meeting you!

  • Come in walking shoes

  • A good coat for all weathers

  •  Rain or sun covering

  • Bring water to drink. 

  • Snacks if needed

  • Car is essential unless live close to walk

  • Pen and dairy are useful to have in-car or pocket. 

  • And Yourself and celebrate that you have turned up for you

  • For those who would like, an option to meet for lunch or coffee locally when available or picnic and flask when not. 

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