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Retreats with Amanda is a great way to explore using coaching tools that empower you to weave your pathway to freedom and passion. We offer women of like-mindedness a space to explore life stages and transition. In a respectful, confidential safe space. We work in creative spaces that allow expression and exploration. Join us as we get close to nature in the beautiful creation of West Cork. As we walk talk and play with great food and community. Let your creative expression loose as we use creation processes that set you free to be who you were meant to be. With us is the seed to greatness, the power to grow, So, Let the journey begin!

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Carer to Wisdom Bearer; a journey of the soul. 


In Ancient Cultures, the transition is a time of celebration and a calling out as women transition from one life stage to another. With the oncoming of periods comes a time of passion and fruitfulness. The period's ending brings a time of maturity of wisdom that is fruitful to the community tribe. It is a time to be fruitful with time, skills, and knowledge as you pass on, giving guidance to the younger generation. 

In many western societies, we embrace the coming of age of girls to women but fail to embrace the coming of age of the career to wisdom bearer of the community. Instead, women are left with foreboding and a feeling of loss, mixed with a sea of emotions as we are faced with the dreaded menopause.  No longer knowing who we are or what we want.

Menopause, if embraced, is a time of exploration and reflection of past experiential learning to gleam the jewels of wisdom. Through our pain and tears, we can clearly see the pathway many have gone before.  It is a time of freedom and dreams to become a reality. A time to find the passion of life. To live from a place of passion instead of need. As we embrace our new gained freedom and bring new possibilities that were never to be lived before. Carer to wisdom bearer is a time to lay down our past and embrace our future symbolically. To find passion and identity, we have long forgotten or may never have known.  To explore our rule book and throw out what has kept us back and is no longer needed.  To bring in new rules to live our life by that no longer keeps us blocked stuck in unhealthy patterns. To find the vision to our passion as we wield our way as ancient warriors who have fought the good fight and overcame and walk into our purpose.  

This is a symbolic journey with women who are walking the warrior path and transitioning to become women of wisdom who walk in authority, have the scars of the battles, and are walking to become leaders of the next generation.  It is a journey to understand who you are, where you are going, and your part to play in the trible story. 

Join us in West Cork, Ireland, the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way, to embrace the wilderness and see its beauty. 

Our ten-day journey will take you through the transition of career to the wisdom bearer as you explore through symbolic places with spiritual depths that will uncover hidden mysteries.  Enjoy the Celtic spirituality that brings you naked before the forces of nature as you kayak through the sea with the seals or jellyfish. Climb in the footsteps of stages as you go on a  pilgrimage across hills and woodland to see the many landscapes of your life. And lay down at the cross the past baggage you have carried up to now.  Become creative with dawn songs as you find your voice, expression is explored through creative processes that creates and, explores your passion and vision.  Share the stories of the battles around campfires and gleam and gather the jewels of past battles.  Embrace your new identity within the tribe at the stone circle as you transcend from what was to what is.  And finally, find the passion and expression to move forward by climbing the mountain heights and cross over to new lands and opportunities. 

Enjoy good local foods at home and our local restaurants as we balance outings and relaxed days. 

Dates are to be decided, if interested please sign up to be informed of up coming dates. 

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Dark night of the souls

Spiritual loss of what you thought you believed can leave you without any foundations. Leaving you shaken. But it is a time to go deeper and find meaning and connection. It is a place the ancents call the dark night of the soul. 


Join us on a seven day retrest of the dark night of the soul.

The desert fathers often talk about the dark night of the soul. It is a time of hunger, thirst of spiritual need. And yet a place of the dersrt or wilderness where your spiritual life seams barren. You are lost and have no idea where you are going. Often you are confuses and feel distant from God. Left alone with yourself. Where do you go when your faith is in doubt? where you have nothing to hold on to? What you think you knew has no longer given you the answers you are so desperate to find. 

Then comes the call

This is a time of the call, life no longer has the same meaning, is this all there is? why am I here? , we search and can not find, knock, but it does not open. 

Then comes the search

The call to go deeper. and deeper still, to stand still and allow God to speak. Time to listen and hear

Then comes the struggle

where and how do we find our meaning, identity and our calling?

Then the brake through

We find direction, peace and a way forward

Then the return

We return with new eyes and new understanding. We can lead others on the journey. 

The dark night of the soul can not be undertaken  in a retreat, but it can be understood and tools can be gained as we transend into the dark and it is always darker before the dawn. 

This retreat is for those who feel they are in a season of the dersrt or wilderness a barren place. It is a space where we can explore the journey of the soul to go deeper towards God. Finding connection, direction and meaning. 

It is a place of inner healing, a meeting at the cross as we explore deep spiritual experimental learning. Expereinceing the cross rather than theory learning. 

It is about the wounded heart, soul and mind. And about the love and Grace of God to heal, cleanse and lead. Finding identity in Christ and your own purpose in this world. 

Numbers are small to allow inner work to go deep

Support and prayer is available as you walk the path of inner pilgrimage. 

Dates prices and times are yet to be decided, but you can sign up and we will let you know when it will be available. 

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