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Teen Prayer Group

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Image by Malcolm Lightbody


As a trained prayer minister  who was trained with Ellel and did the full NETs programme.  I can offer personal prayer session that goes deep into personal issues to find brake through. We can be stuck in patterns , blocks and not know what to do. I work with the Holy Spirit who uncovers and brings to our memories the hidden and long forgotten.  Taking responsibility not only for our own action, but also our family lines can bring healing both to ourselves and families..  

Image by Keyur Nandaniya


I offer workshops  for churches and groups, where the spirit can move and bring  personal revelation , freedom and healing. My workshops are varied and  can be offered on line and in person.  The blood of Jesus and the power of his name  are part of the  what he won for us on the cross. The gift of keys of repentance and forgiveness are not meant to be used for condemation, that is Satans stand as he accuses us day and night. Jesus said I have not come to condem you but to bring life and freedom.  We have to just take his gifts and learn to walk in the fullness of his salvation. 

Image by Malcolm Lightbody


I offer prayer ministry for churches and  groups and you can visit our sister  site that is a community of churches and individuals who are  working and praying together to bring brake through and revial  through prayer houses and prayer groups. We are equipping the body of Christ to go out of the church and bring street churches to the broken and lost. Working together as a body and blessing each other to be who we are meant to be, 'The Bride Of Christ' , allows the atmosphere to change and create holy spaces where the Spirit can work.  If we keep our eyes on Jesus, who know what we can expect. We at WOWJesus are expectant and our eyes are firmly set on him. 

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