Setting your self free from toxic relationships by understanding soul ties that keep you there.

To understand soul ties, one needs to understand the heart of the the father. It goes back to Genesis when God introduced relationship with Eve in the first command of oneness. Our bibles does not really convey the heart of God, in Hebrew it is written in a love poem that God speaks when he brings Eve to Adam. They were commanded to be one. And the Father says it is Good.

A soul tie is a bond that ties us together and in its true sense a blessing as the father wanted us to be blessed in relationships. Satan on the other side hates relationships and we have seen from the beginning he has been behind the braking of relationships with God and man. Abusive relationships has powerful soul ties that the enemy can use to hurt us. To find abusive freedom, braking the soul ties can lead you to pathway that will get to the root of the issues. Freedom is more than getting out of abusive relationship, there is always a root to the issue. There are many roots and getting to the root, helps to build new healthy relationship and freedom.

Like the God head we are three in one, the body, soul and spirt. In the Hebrew language we see the different meaning to the words in our bible to reflect this. The soul is the area of our mind, the will and emotions. Our spirit and body also are deeply effected by relationships as is our soul. The bible uses words like joined, like minded, yoked, knit together and entangled. When sin came into the world so did curses and so soul ties can have both blessings and curses. We can see great blessing coming down family lines of music, art and so on. We can also curses come down like abuse, addiction and so on. In marriage we can see the oneness as two become one. In some relationships between man and women it can turn toxic and overflow into the people around us. We can see and feel, when relationships are good or bad and people have positive affect or negative.

In our culture of sexual freedom, we are seeing many going from one sexual relationship to another. Although soul ties are in all relationship, sexual relationship of oneness is a very powerful connection, that can only be broken off by God. Each sexual relationship is link to us and stay with us in the spirit realm. In the spirit realm old bad toxic relationships can have a powerful effect on us without us realizing it. It can keep us tied in a bad relationship and stop us moving forward. This can also be in close family relationships were it has become toxic.

The braking of these soul ties can bring healing and freedom in many cases. And stops negative affects that this person may be having on us.

To bring blessing into good relationships, we need to cut off all ungodly relationships and come back into Godly order. Marriage is a time of new beginnings and time to cut away past relationships and there effects, both in the physical and spiritual realm. Even if you have married after coming together in a sexual relationship to bring the blessing God wanted for you, you need to brake the ungodly of the soul tie. Otherwise these ungodly ties can be used as doorway to bring in negative effects into your new relationships.

As a prayer minister we can brake off any soul ties that is unhelpful and ungodly that has negative affects upon you. As well as look at generational effects that have come down family lines, braking off curses and its effect on you now. It is a place of freedom and bringing our self back into oneness with God as we come back into Godly order. Allowing the good soul ties to bring down blessings for a thousand generations. It is and always has been Gods heart to bless us. The fall brought down the curses, and Jesus was the answer as he became the curse. His blood and name are the means to bring this freedom. He has given us keys of repentance , forgiveness and Lordship to undo anything that has not been in Godly order. Working with the Holy Spirit allows unknown and lost memories to surface and help us get to the root of the problem.

The journey of the Soul is never a quick fix, but a taking back the land of our soul, the enemy has taken. But we can be confident the battle is the Lords and as we bring him into our battles as our Lord and saviour, he can work where man can not. Nothing is impossible with God as Jesus has made the way through his grace, and we just need to walk the pathway to his freedom. This can be done through one to one, or workshops in church settings.

Many may feel the giants are to big to fight in their lives, but with God on your side, freedom will be yours. After all that is why Jesus came to set the captive free and heal the broken hearts.

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