Let the Holy Spirit guild your coaching?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Coaching with the spirit allows opens doors that otherwise have been closed.

When we allow the spirit to lead and direct, it opens pathways we have long forgotten, as it brings all things to remembrance.

Coaching is a place of transformation, where we explore deep issues that have kept us stuck, blocks that we have been unable to pass, chains we can not break.

The Lord knew the power of powerful questions to bring transformation.

So we can walk with him exploring through these power questions that bring the hidden manna that has kept us stuck. Through the spirit, we can work through generational patterns that play out into our lives, to bring freedom and hope. Venture into the hidden world of the spirit through prayer, where the Lord can work as we partner in the journey to deliverance. Bringing life to the word, through proclaiming his truth to the situation. Standing in the position of Love to see more clearly our situation from a higher advantage point is clarified by his presence.

"Ask and it will be given you; seek and ye shall find; Knock, and it will be opened unto you".

The coach of our lives is the Holy Spirit whose purpose is to encourage, exhort, intercede, urge, convict, correct, challenge, and comfort us. When your session is over, he still is at work. As we invite him into our lives and situations, he can bring insight we would may not otherwise experience. He is the professional coach we all need in our lives.

As we explore with the spirit, we are lead to deeper spiritual issues that have been hidden. We start to mine our souls, thoughts, and hearts to gain understanding and wisdom. He leads us through personal development to bring transformation.

The Spirit is not just interested in the issues, but in the wounds, and learning we can get from our experience. He brings the gold as we become transformed in his image. As we bring it to the cross, we then can bring it for the cross. Thus we become vessels of purpose.

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