Laying the wound down in Inner healing by finding freedom in Christ

Many of us come to a place of woundedness as life shatters around us. For me the crisis came when I left my marriage and my life felt in ashes and their seamed little hope. I was faced with a wave of emotions that I had no idea what to do with and felt lost no longer knowing who I was, what I wanted or what was the purpose of Life. My faith was tested and I no longer knew what to believe.

Of course my woundedness had not suddenly come, it was a tower of wounds built upon another, going back into my children hood. I was a master of buried hurt, which I swept away in busyness and keeping everyone happy, or so I thought.

At the time I felt confused and the very foundation that had held me had come crumbling down. I was on the ground and did not know how to get up.

In my darkness I began the painful pathway to healing, searching many different healing pathways. Layers were revealed as I took of the plaster and looked at the mess. Leaving me raw and vulnerable.

The real healing came from my faith as I experienced Christ. As he came to me in dreams and revelation and meeting the wounded parts of me that had been cut of from me as a way to protect myself. The inner child was many little children who had been hurt badly. And grown up wrenched me's who had been crushed and abused leaving me naked, battered and hurt. I felt like a wounded wolf, who was being attacked, judged and having my flesh ripped apart by others. I felt an empty shell and nothing was left of me. I had nothing to give, I was done. I wanted to lie down a die.

Then Christ ministered to them and brought my parts back together again. As I studied in Ellel in their prayer ministry and discipleship programme, I found, what I had experienced with Christ was part of the inner healing they offer. It was the experience of the wounded and prayer ministers that Jesus does in deed meet us, heal us and puts us back together again. It was a great confirmation, that I was indeed experiencing the touch of grace through Christ and not some imagined fantasy. As I watched other feel the presence of the living Christ and see him minister to them, I could witness what he had done for me, before my very eyes. Putting their wounded little selves back together again. Watching the spirit move and leading was indeed comforting, as they were met with understanding, compassion and love. On my journey as a prayer minister and going through the healing process I have seen many find comfort and inner healing as i have myself.

They come to experience Christ in a very real sense.

Putting the theory to the experience is the understanding of the power of the cross and the blood that was shed.

As I travelled to Rwanda and ministered to people who had come out of woundedness, I was amazed at the hope and faith of these men and women. I met instead of woundedness, healing of a nation and hope. They had come to understand the power of forgiveness as a key to freedom. And to understand that evil had come from a working of un healed wounds. So they had faced there wounds, letting it be heard and laid it down at the cross. When I look at the woundedness of me, I could see how others had been hurt as I worked out from un heard woundedness. In fact those who had so badly wounded me had also worked from their wounded of un healed wounds.

Flame International who work with men who a lot would consider men who are the most evil on the planet, have come to understand the power of the cross to heal un healed wounds. They go out to heal men who have done the most atrocities acts and bring them to Christ and the cross. They have understood, that by healing them, they heal a nation. Those who find healing go and heal others. The transformative power of Christ changes them and so they no longer live a life of murder, rape and other evil , the grace and salvation starts it works in them. So they protect the victims from becoming victims.

To understand this is to understand the power of the cross and Christ blood that is healing us from our wounds which heals us from our and others sins.

When many ministries went out to Rwanda after the blood shed, there responds was to tell them to forgive. But one lady look and ask, how can one forgive after such pain and wounds. She prayed and asked, how Lord do we deal with this. His answer was the cross. Bring your wounds and I will heal them.

In churches we have been so zealous in a keenness to wipe away sin, we have forgotten the other side of the cross. Which is the wound. At the cross both the wounded and the sinner met on level ground. Both are healed and both are cleansed from the effects of sin. The promise is restoration. A restored life. What has been stolen is retuned back to us. When Jesus paid the price with his blood, he won us freedom. The power of his blood is mercy, which bring his grace of freedom and salvation. Repentance and forgiveness are his keys to bring us freedom and hope. He did not come to condemn us, but to bring us life and in abundance. A restored life .

As this lady found out, as they brought the wounds of Rwanda to the cross, then they were able to forgive. Corrie boom said unless they forgave, they were unable to fully heal. She provided homes and gardens to heal the broken souls of the camps of Hitler. In these places of healing they found and gave forgiveness and was fully healed, and so could begin a new life.

Personally I have found and felt this healing grace. As I walk through the garden of my soul. I pick up the weeds of woundedness and bring it to the cross, then I am able to forgive those who have wounded me. I can see my own part in this, in protective patterns, defence systems and blocks that have kept me trapped, and been able to repent and find freedom. I have seen how using the keys of Lordship has helped me overcome destructive patterns both to myself and others, that I felt I could never overcome.

I can see how far I have come, and that I am a work in process. Understanding who I am in Christ, I can be patient and kind to myself. I can find comfort in finding the fathers heart for his child and a place of rest in his love that restores, comforts and accepts. I am his child and his heart is to bless me.

This is my own journey and as I have brought my wounds to the cross, I can now bring them for the cross for the healing of others.

Written by Amanda of creative coaching with Amanda.

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