Journey to the womb: Womb healing

Journey back in womb, uncover hidden blocks, trauma and anxiety that have kept you trapped. Issues of rejection that have shaped you and the world around you.

One day as I lay on my bed, I saw a golden light at the bottom of my bed. This light was shaped in a female body with a gold cord from her and somehow attached to me. And in a flash, the image was not discerned anymore. Questions flashed through my mind, was I pregnant? What had I seen? Was it part of my imagination? My period was not due until the following week, but I was now full of curiosity and had to find out, and so went a brought a pregnancy test. Even in this early stage, there were enough hormones to tell I was indeed pregnant. Somehow it has been known that a spirit is attached to a mother at the time of conception and also known that this attachment was a golden cord. How I do not know, all I know was, that was what I saw. It is said that the baby stays attached outside for the first three months and then takes its earthen vessel and becomes a living soul. They say when this golden cord is cut death happens. I once met a woman who worked in a hospital, and she told me that when you take an X-ray before and after death, there is a difference. She went on to tell me that they called this 'God's Stuff.' In Prayer ministry, we travel back to the womb and the stages of growth of the baby and ask for the spirit to reveal what is happening at that time. Even though it is before language, somehow the baby can make choices and feel emotions from its self and the mother. It is aware of the state of its conception and can be affected by what is happening. One of my children, who have felt rejection throughout her life, was indeed rejected at her birth. Her father wanted her aborted and made me choose him or her. My family, who wanted the problem gone, also wanted her terminated. My whole world had rejected my baby and me. Many people who have gone back into the womb have found big feeling of rejection had been created right from the womb. Others had been affected by the fear or sadness when the death of other babies as twins or death of previous pregnancy. The emotions or events of the mother had prompted the baby to make choices about life that had stayed with the person through their life. Choices about its identity, when its sexual identity has not been wanted, can be felt. Feeling of being abandoned when put up for adoption. Through the Holy Spirit, hidden memories or insights can be revealed, and issues of trauma, choices, and root emotions can be healed. For my own womb journey, I was aware that my father was excited and expectant of my arrival. I had seen a note written by him early in my life to his unborn child, which expressed his delight and hopes for me. It has been lost in time. My father was a man who showed no emotions, and we were distanced. His rejection of me in the form of completely unresponsive interest had deeply affected my life. Through my womb journey, I was shown this was not his heart but was due to his own wounds, and he was working from a place of fear and was in a protective mode of behaviour. He had built a tower of protection and was trapped inside and unable to get out. I saw the little boy scarred and hidden inside his safety tower. At times screaming and banging to get out, but he was unable to. Understanding why he was the way he was, has helped me heal, and as we prayed for healing, I have gained more understanding of the generational patterns that have come down my family line. How that has affected me and how I related to my world. Our parent wound can be healed when we understand the Father's heart for us and his delight in us. We can find a deep, lasting breakthrough and a healed heart, identity, and choices through the cross. He can go where a man can not. It has been a great privilege to experience how the spirit weaves through and reveals, and heal.

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