Growing Through Adversity

Tony Robbins talks about the gifts of life and that it is not just in the positive experiences that we have gained them, but in the struggles and trails.

In my own life it has been in the most difficult times that I have grown into the person I am today. No one wants to have gone through pain, I did not. But without my own journey I could not do want I do today. My own journey has given me a understanding heart, compassion and allowed me to give forgiveness and grace to others.

Someone said to me;

'The things we struggle with are the things we become experts in'

Interesting perspective.

For me I kind of understand that. Through the things I felt I messed up I have searched for meaning and answers to the why. As I searched inward and outward I gained deeper perspective and wisdom.

We may not like the shape our lives have taken, we may not wanted the experiences we have gone through, and non of us wanted to be hurt. But through it we learn to love more, care more and forgive more. Our hearts hear the pain of others and we gain compassion. We practice time after time to forgive. We learn to give grace and accept people where there are.

Our adversity become our friend, teaching us to be better people live better lives. We find our identity through people, our meaning through people as we connect and find expression of who we are. As Toney says. lets live to give because it is in giving we live. To be givers as we receive out truths. Like rivers receiving we can flow out into others lives. Bringing life to them and meaning to there experience. It is in the dark we find our light and then we can learn to shine.

It is amazing how humanity can take the rubbish and make it in to something beautiful, the power of the human spirit to overcome and grow. When I hear the life stories of others and see how they have grown and overcome, I am amazed at the power of adversary to shape them into who there have become. How they can now reach out to others and bring there truth. Each one of us are being shaped by this teacher adversity, it allows us to fall, get up and learn not to walk in the pit falls again and to overcome and gain the victory. For each one of us we have gained and are gaining our own truth. It is in the interconnection we find ourselves, our meaning and purpose. So lets start being a people of giving because it is in the giving we receive. And we all have something to give to this world and to each others. May you me the light in someone else's darkness as you grow through your own story of adversary


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