Gratitude Walk

Walking your way to health.

Hippocrates was quoted saying 'walking is mans best medicine'. And science has proved this to be so. Mental physical and emotional health are benefited by a good walk to clear your head, feel refreshed or just get the body moving.

2020 at least opened the pathway to get out for a brisk walk, even if we had to stay close to the home. Now we are opening up and going back to the office we need to get back to the benefit of our well-being.

Getting out in winter is not the most appealing as summer with the sun on our backs and the gentle breeze in our hair. But it can clear the cob webs out of the head and get those aching bones moving.

Gratitude walking is a great way to experience the senses as we listen to the birds sing, enjoy the seasons and feel the atmosphere of the moment. Many happy days have been taken as I walked in the rough waves and bitter rain hit my face as it danced in the wind. Only to end up by a log fire in a warm pub. As we ponder the seasons of storms and calm in our own life we can not help feel grateful of the people, places and experiences we have lived through.

Time and space is reflected with memories of generations who have passed by before and we can only dream of those who will follow.

Times of my own children splashing with wellies in puddles only to now watch as my grandchildren follow in the same old game. Beaches of laughter and splashes as we walked and picnicked that say etched on our memories. Time may fly, but life carries on in a rhythm of cycles that never end with each generations. Thank goodness for seasons that continue to blow past as we gleam the lessons life can offer the old and young a like.

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