Give your Christian Marriages a spring clean

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

How can coaching help when things are not as good as you wanted? Relationship coaching is not counselling, but is is a creative process that helps to undercover the real issues and solutions. By challenging old patterns of behavior and exploring the hidden knowing within. When we go within and search with meaningful questions , we uncover wisdom we did not know we had. All of us, all ready have the answer within. We just need to let it out and find our pathway to a a more fulfilled relationship. With the added guild of the Holy Spirit to unlock hidden memories and reveal hidden answers. This article looks at some questions that can help explore where your marriage is and where you want it to go. By exploring some hidden truths that can lead you to start to create the pathway in your marriage that is in harmony to your desires and belief.

1. If you were to wake up tomorrow and you were living the prefect marriage, what would that look like? Why would that be important to you? and what is one step you could you take to day to bring you closer to that desire?

2. What do you want to achieve in your marriage and why is that important?

3.How much are you willing to invest in your relationship ?

4. What are the obstacles to overcome and what steps can you take to day to challenge those obstacles.

5. Are you specking the same Love Language.

When we question and explore the important things in our life, coaching can become a powerful tool in that creative process. Allowing the spirit to work when we invite him, can be a powerful advantage to healing old wounds. With man it is impossible, but with God nothing is impossible. So trust the process to begin the journey. Come to our house of prayer where you will receive personal development through prayer and coaching so look up our coaching landing page to find professional help.

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