Freedom from Generational Sins

Braking family curses and healing our family tree

In the Old Testament we read of the sins of the fathers coming down the family line for three or four generations. And in some cases, ten. But the blessing of the Lord is for a thousand generations. When Christ came, we are told we are no longer under the old law and under grace. Where others believe in the power of blessing and curses to bring freedom. There is a bit of a divided opinion within the body of the church. If we look at what we know and experience within families I think we can see the sin the blessings and curses within families’ lines.

Annie our example, who is musician has come from a family who very musical going back a few generations. But her grandfather had a bad tempter and drunk heavy. Annie has problem controlling her tempter and needs a good strong drink to steady her nerves. Her son has got into some drugs and is in rehab.

All of us have good and bad things that have come down from our generations. In the psychotherapy and counselling fields , it has been observed the generational trauma that comes down the family line. Poverty, abuse and so forth. So it looks like the law that was put out by Gods word has gone out and does not return void.

So where is the cross in all this? Grace, and no longer under the law. Christ said he has come to fulfil the law and set us free. He became the curse and was hung upon the tree for our sins. When we look at death, we are told we are not under death but have eternal life. So does it mean we have to wait until after death to receive what he gained for us? If we are born again are we for ever set free? Good questions.

Like with death we are between promise and its fulfilment. But unlike death the victory is ours through Christ. But we have to claim what the Lord has done, through faith, his blood and name, we are set free and healed. There are keys he has given us. Satan wants to condemn us and Jesus wants mercy and has given us his grace to overcome.

So, what does that mean for us in real time now?

The prophets of old stood in the gap and asked for forgiveness on their father’s house, they understood that they were paying for the sins of their father’s house. We can find we are suffering due to broken laws of our fathers or mother’s house. Keys of repentance and forgiveness as well as lordship over the situation. We have found blocks in our lives, that we can not get free from, or family patterns like addiction or abuse. But are we not set free through our baptism and salvation?

In the beginning it was in God heart to bless us and multiply those blessing with each generation. The fall brought in the dark side of these blessing what the bible calls curses. The consequences of sin. That is easy to see with addiction, poverty or abuse.

These laws include;

The law of blessings and curses Deuteronomy 28

The law of multiplication Genesis 1,22, 28. 2 Peter 1-2

The Law of sowing and reaping Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Evil and good can be reaped and so comes justice into God’s plan. The law of boundaries of good and evil. The law of light and darkness fit into the law of boundaries. Evil thank goodness has it boundaries that it can not cross. When Justice comes in to bring about repentance and a turning back to God.

The generational iniquity is a leaning towards family weaknesses. Where we tend to follow in the same weakness.

The Law of mercy gives us keys, which are the gift of a loving Father who sent his son to set us free from them. In the Old Testament it was through high priest, which Jesus fulfilled in his willingness to die as the lamb of redemption. His blood paid the price to set us free.

So, we need to look to heal our family tree in the past to heal in the future, starting with us.

· We need to recognize our family patterns

· Family diseases

· Family history

· Who did our family worship?

Sometimes we know where the first sin took place and see its pattern in our lives. Other times we need the Holy Spirit to reveal this to us.

In prayer ministry we look at where sin entered, and how this has come down the family line. Where the enemy has accused us and has authority into our lives through this. And what our part is in this pattern, if any.

Release and freedom from curses through the atonement.

We look at taking back the land of our souls, lives and families and cleansing the ground.

Standing in the gape of our family lines and using the keys of repenting of the sins and our part in it.

  • Using the keys of forgiveness, to those who have hurt, caused or are part of the patterns and what effect it has had on our lives.

  • We agree with God and come into agreement, that is not what he wanted for our lives and he was right in his law to us to protect us.

  • Use the key of faith and hold to the truth and key of his word, the truth will set us free. Stand on these laws through faith, that Jesus is your redeemer and has won the victory over his world and Satan. His grace is enough through his blood and name.

  • Be thankful for our family lines and the blessings that have come down the family lines, and at the same time recognize our grafting into a kingly line of the kingdom of God and are his and he is our inheritance and blessings.

  • Accept and appropriate his freedom into your lives.

When we put our selves and lives into Godly order, we take away the enemies right, who want to steal and take away our joy. Jesus wants to give back what has been stolen and give us joy, freedom and heal our hearts.

As prayer ministers we work with you to heal your family lines and brake you free from the family patterns and bring down the blessing that the father wants to give you.

As Christians in theory we should be set free. But in prayer ministry, it seams that in many cases it is a matter of the sanctification process of taking back land.

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