Are we trapped in the Comfort Zone ?

Change the channel and become the actor in your own story

While we sit watching the latest Netflix film or playing the computers games, life is pasting us by. What is the benefit of that? We are all given choices every day. What is your choice today, sit back and do what you do every day? Or are you going to change the channel of your life and become the actor in your own story?

Wake up and change the channel and get up out of the arm chair and do something. Anything. The difference between those who succeed is that they chose to do something today.

Do you think they are better than you? That is the big lie, no one is better than you, they just did something. Took that first step and walked into their purpose.

Do you think they failed? everyone who stand up and does something fail. Yes that right fail. To do something means coming into the learning zone, which means they have to risk failing and just get over it. Yes that right they risk failing and by doing it they get better and overcome. That's what it means to be in the learning zone, we are learning.

Our purpose is to be overcomers and walk into our purpose. What have you been made for? What is your purpose? The answer is within you. Look what is your dreams? what did you dream about when you were younger? Did you follow your dreams? Or did life yet in the way. Have you been so busy surviving, you forgot to live? Was it just safer to stay in the comfort zone. Have you forgotten what it is to live from passion? To be excited to get up and meet your day.

What are you afraid of? Fear is the one big block to making dreams happen. What have you to loss? Today is the day to meet your dream. get out the paper and pens and brain storm your dreams. what do you need to make your dreams happen? do one small thing today to walk on step nearer to your dream. Did you do something today that took you nearer to your dream? If no, why not? What is stopping you?

It time to day to become the actor in your story, no longer watching or playing making others lives yours . This is your day, your chance, the first day of the rest of your life.

It time to give yourself a really good talking to. Get to know that critic and silence him with knowing who you are. You are made perfect for the role you were made for. Not what others were made for. No you were made perfect just as you are for the purpose you were made for. You have a purpose that fits just right for you. Somewhere deep within you, knows what that is. But there is another part of you, that does not want you to do that because it is full of fear and lacks self belief. Its time to see the beauty you are, the gifts you have been given and more excitingly what gifts and talents you can gain on the way. This is a treasure hunt and its time to gather the treasure. Oh what you can spend it on will amaze and delight you.

We were never meant to stand still and let life go by. We were meant to grow. Growing through this and that. Become playful and creative and create your own world as you fine the passion that fires you forward.

Hate your job, life, well you choose it. If you chose that, you can choose another path, another job and another life. You hold in your hand the choice of life and death, a life that is lifeless or a life full of life, passion and dreams. Yes it takes courage, yes you can fail a few times. But like the tortoise, you too can win the race and gain the prize. It is as much for you as the next person, you deserve it as much as the next. So, Put that critic in its place and shut it up with that you can do and are going to do. Tell it to go away and give it a really good talking to. Start being your own cheer leader and just cheer yourself alone. Write the list of skills and things you need to do to achieve the goal and to day put one thing in place. Set that goal and celebrate when you have achieved it. Oh that critic will try and put you down and, say you will fail, you are not good enough, Don't you dare listen to it. Tell it how wrong it is and even if you fail this time, you will do it again and come into the learning zone and learn to overcome. cheer your self along one step at a time. Is it worth it to take a step? Oh yes, it is the place dreams come true. Are you going to take it? Go on you can do it? Ready set, Go.....

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