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Therapy Session
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Group coaching with Amanda

Creative coaching with Amanda offers workshops, courses, retreats, or The walking coach to wellness for groups. As a community worker, I have facilitated group work for over 30 years and work from the creative processes inside and out. Using the environment around us creates space to connect to inner processes in symbolic teaching that is all around us; Which meets us on all levels and opens up connections to the bigger picture of life.  Using creative material that is around us and within opens us up to our true creativity of possibilities. Join me as we journey as pilgrims to our inner and outer processes as we journey inwards and outwards. 


Weekly workshops course

Dare to Dream

Find and explore your vision as you find your pathway to new possibilities. As we walk through the coaching process from dreaming to doing


Carer to wisdom Bearer

For women who have spent their lives caring for their families and suddenly found their identity is tied up with mother and/or partner. Children have left the nest, relationships or careers may have ended and you no longer know who you are or what you want. Menopause and midlife have taken the joy and meaning out of your life, leaving you feeling lost, confused, and dreading the future.   Journey with us to explore the tribal transition of the returning wisdom bearer as you explore your hidden wisdom and what you have to offer; as you step out on a new season of your life.  Creative coaching with Amanda offers you a new perspective of who you are, what you have to offer, and the value you have gained.  Finding passion you never knew you had. 

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The walking coach 

Recreating You


Sick of diets, trying to get fit? Life no longer offers the passion it once did. Join us as we walk our way to well-being and finding passion.  Weekly walking coaching group, where you find a support group, a journey of coaching processes, Facebook support, and ideas shared. We are a group who meet to walk, explore and share our journey in West Cork. Pair coaching.  We look at patterns and blocks that have stopped us from fulfilling our goals and dreams by exploring and building new healthy habits that are realistic and lead to well-being. We explore our identity and find ways to love ourselves as we express who we are.  By building confidence in who we are, we are better able to find out what is our passion, vision and look at what is possible in whatever stage of life we may be in.  Preparing to bring your vision to life. 

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The walking coach


Walking into  Purpose

Carrying on from last year's Vision our members continues on the journey of not only recreating themselves but also their lives to rediscovering lost or unfilled dreams.  It follows in the pathway of last year with weekly walks, and Facebook. But add an in-house exploration of pathways, resources, different perspectives, rules books that have kept you stuck or helped you and so much more. As we set goals and move forward to bring our dreams into the passion that moves our dreams and vision into reality. 

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