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What is professional Coaching? 

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Crossing the Finish Line
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is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them. We are more like an acorn, which contains within it all the potential to be a magnificent oak tree. We need nourishment, encouragement, and the light to reach towards, but the oaktreeness is already within
(Peter Bluckert)
What you can expect?
  • Facilitate change

  • Explore blockages

  • Challenge negative beliefs.

  • Find vision and purpose

  • Explore identity

  • Underpin your choices through your own values. 

  • Recreate new experiences

  • Find new possibilities

  • Celebrate your achievements

  • Find fulfillment

  • Set goals and actions to achieve your outcome.


How long does it take?
That depends on You.  Short or as long as you need.

But to start with I work in a three-month contract meeting one hour a week to create a process to facilitate your desired outcome. 

There is an introductory session to explore if we are a good match. 

Reach the Top
Personal development  through Coaching 
is a process that looks at system thinking that has created old behavior patterns that recreate the same experience over and over again, which has kept you stuck. It facilitates learning and development with the purpose of improving outcomes through action, goals achievement, and personal satisfaction. Which invariably involves, growth and change. Creating new experiences and possibilities.
Natural Girl
  • What is expected of you?
  • To turn up for you
  • Honesty
  • integrity
  • commitment
  • curiosity
  • Courage to look at blockages and behavior
  • A desire to want change

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Image by Micheile Henderson
What do you expect to pay?
  • The introduction session is half price  at 20 Euros Which can be over a hour. 

  • 40 Euro an hour each week for the three-month contract. 480 euros over the three months

  • or 12 weeks for the price of 11 at 440 euros when paid upfront.   

Transformation is in your hands

Are you ready for the adventure to start?

Image by Monique Olie

What do you get for your money?

  • One hour a week coaching

  • Committed to your personal goals and outcomes

  • Questions, email response in a week

  • Three emergency calls within the three-month contract. 

  • Video recording of the session to review,                go over, revisit and keep.

  • The option of   one    prayer                      Session


Try it out and see what you think in our introduction session

Get 12 weeks


price of 11

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