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When you have lost your way..... 

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...then you need vision

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The caregiver and the career women can spend years focused on the demands of others and so lose themselves. Waking up one day to find they no longer know who they are or where they belong. Coaching is a tool of discovering as you delve into the symbolic and unconscious levels of the mind. Which taps into the inner desire and dreams that may be hidden for so long or not even realized. Aligning your purpose with your values you can recreate a more full and meaningful life. 

Grief and loss

What happens when your children leave the nest? Brake-up of marriage? Or Your loss your Job?

Suddenly you are face with uncertainly, lack of confidence, or lack of belief in self. 

What then? 

Coaching is a tool to discover your potential and create a safe space to explore your abilities, dreams, and ambitions. Challenging the negative belief that has kept you in fear, which can create blocked patterns of experience. It helps in aligning your dreams with values by building bridges over blocks that have stopped you from moving to a more fulfilled life.  Embracing who you can be by opening possibilities you never knew were possible. 


 Transition can be a time of anxiety and fear of the unknown. With questions of what do I do now?


Coaching is a tool that opens up a whole new world of possibilities you never knew was possible. It brings transformation internal and external by challenging your old behavior and systems in a positive way. Questioning and exploring what you believed to be true. By creating new beliefs that support you to enjoy the coaching process by being excited about your newfound freedom. Embracing change as your friend instead of your enemy.  As one door closes another opens. Are you willing to step into a new reality? 

Loss​ and Grief

  • Identity

  • Purpose

  • marriage/relationships

  • Career

  • Parents

  • Home

  • Youth

  • Environment

  • Friends

  • Dreams

  • Hopes

  • Faith

  • Children/ empty nest

  • Children

  • Body

  • Sexuality

  • Health

Loss comes in many forms

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Christian Marriage Coaching

When your marriage is struggling and everyone is expecting you to live the perfect Christian dream.  You feel you are letting everyone down. You feel you are failing and worst of all you feel you are letting God down. What do you Do?


Coaching is a great tool to align your dreams with your values. It creates a smart task and goals that are realistic and achievable. It helps you look at beliefs that are real from what you think is real. It allows you to give yourselves permission to be you. Meeting your inner vision and goals in a way that brings meaning to your marriage and life.


Feeling of confusion and going out of your mind. The emotional roller coaster that feels out of control. What is happening to me? Fears of the future and what is happening to your body and health are often what we call menopause. 

Ancient Culture recognized this as a time of transition and celebrated it. Life stages are a time of questioning and evaluating who and what you are, where, and what you want out of your life. Coaching is a great tool to lead you through the process. with its tool kit that brings you through the tribal tradition of struggle, search and return with new insight.  And like the butterfly that has transitioned you too can return as the wisdom bearer to the community tribe. With the confidence to embraced the new you that is more fulfilled with purpose.

Marriage in Crisis and abuse.

As  Christians marriage is sacred. Aligning your needs and spiritual beliefs often lead to conflict within a church setting. In many cases even safety issues. You feel trapped by other expectations. Where do you go for help? 

Coaching is not counseling as counseling deals with underlining past issues that cause the issues you are facings. Where coaching looks at them now and how you can make choices and actions that will make for a happier and fulfilled future. Hand in hand it makes for powerful tools to bring lasting change. Coaching is not designed to either tell you what to do in any situation. But is a tool in helping you to explore and find out what you want to achieve and do in the situation you are faced with. Understanding the process of coaching can help you work through the emotions and confusion to help you make the best and informed choice to being change. 

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Try coaching out with our introuction session

Loss is not a problem,  it is a season that we all go through which we can become stuck in. When you feel overwhelmed with sadness, hopelessness, and feeling of being out of control.

Help comes with a tool kit through the coaching process. Looking at what you can learn from the experience that can move you forward. Looking at possible outcomes and exploring hidden desires that bring you joy. Taking past times of pleasure and rediscovering the experience which can be brought into your reality.  Coaching is a time for you to find yourself in the midst of the tide of emotion, that cannot be put into words.

Spiritual crises

When you wake up one morning and realize you no longer know what you believe. Filling you with confusion and dread. The very foundations of whom you thought you were have been trampled under your feet. Leaving you shaky and nowhere to stand. 


Many past voyagers have recognized this state as the dark night of the soul. This is a time of questioning and exploring and growth. Coaching is the perfect tool to work through this season. In its purpose, is the time of the call. which leads the soul into the search. Far from fearing it, it is a time to embrace, as you go deeper into who you are, and what you believe. As we embrace and learn from the struggle, we return as the wisdom bearer of our community tribe.  We now have gained authority through our pilgrimage to hidden jewels of wisdom. That can be shared, and build the foundation of empowering experience that we can stand on. 

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