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creative coaching with Amanda
life, relationship, and spiritual   coaching
Prayer  ministry

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About Me

Welcome to my site, I look forward to working with you and exploring the creative process involved in coaching. My credentials cover a wide area of disciplines that covers 30 years of experience working with women. I have a BA in community education and development and enjoyed working personally with women in this sector.  I
 have trained in life, relational, and spiritual coaching. This includes being trained and working with an online coaching website, that offers coaching and training across the world. I am based in West Cork and offer one to one in-person consultation as well as group work and workshops. As a Christain prayer minister, I have had the opportunity to work in the spiritual realm. setting my clients free from the bondage of generational, soul ties and so much more. I work from a Christian perspective that involves working from symbolic and subconscious creativity, where the spirit can move. Revealing hidden meaning and purpose from within. 

 I believe each client is individual and has their own given purpose which can give meaning to their lives and they can find the joy of living in the here and now. 

I have walked the steps and so have found a way to help others. My belief as a Christian and my experience has given me the authority to lead others on the pathway of healing and freedom.  I have been the butterfly that has transcended through the power of Christ and the spirit and brought heaven down into my life. I have seen breakthroughs and experienced healing both to myself and my family.  I have felt the saving grace of God and seen the power of the spirit in mine and other lives as I have worked. The pathway for each one is unique, but there are common experiences that can build pathways that others can follow. As a community worker, I can work both with Christians and non-Christians and have vast life experiences that can be gleaned and be of worth to those I work with. Although the journey for you is yours and yours alone and the answer is within, I have valued the spirit who works in his own way of working that I have learned to trust. This can be within the silence of my own soul that helps me meet your needs as the small still voice guides me to lead you to find your way through. Or it can be external within the space we create, where he is free to do his work, where you will feel his presence. 

I create a safe, nonjudgmental, and confidential space that meets your deep unexplored self. So I careful nurturance you,  where painful patterns and blocks can be heard and explored, that releases opportunity for change and paves pathways to freedom, dreams, and vision. 

Turning up for you is the first step for change. Being true to yourself is both empowering and liberating. It is worth celebrating the steps that are taken as we move forward to a more positive now. 




I work in the area of transition and crises as we cross over from one life stage to another. This can be a time of confusion and feeling lost to direction and identity.  I create creative space to explore your pathway. To find vision, purpose, and identity. Through questions, creative processes, goals and action, and prayer. 



When life brings change we feel the loss of loved ones, broken relationships, life stages, environmental
 changes, sexuality, health, and well-being. we can be lost in a sea of emotions.  Confused about what we are going to do. Having no vision or purpose to give us hope, we no longer know who we are or what we are capable of doing.  Coaching is being in the here and now and can offer you tools to lead you into a more fulfilled life by exploring what you want, who you are, and what is important to you.  Thereby forging a pathway through to a more confident you, who know where they are going and who you are. 



The spiritual journey of meaning
When we question life's meaning. Why are we here? Is this all life is? We have been given the call. It is time to search for the hidden meaning of life. Ancient cultures recognized the journey of the soul and celebrated the transition from a community member to the return of the wisdom bearer.  In our culture, we see the transition of difficult life stages as a time of loss, confusion, and a sea of emotions. But when we embrace the symbolic and spiritual journey we can find our true call. Like the butterfly, we go through the search, struggle, and rebirth. To return as the wisdom bearer of the community and take flight. As we walk in the authority of our experience we can share the wisdom we have gleaned. We are the treasure trove to be discovered.  Let us discover the riches of who you are and how you can find true meaning and purpose through your journey of birthing new possibilities. As you become full again, you can overflow into other people's lives, thus bringing issues to the cross and then for the cross. We all have been given a calling and finding it can be fulfilling as we become whom we are meant to be in Christ. 


Creative space

I am a creative person and use creative processes. Come with colored pencils, magazine pictures and paper. As a Christian prayer minister, I add a new dimension to the coaching process. I have worked as a community worker for over 30 years with women in personal development. 

Creative Thoughts
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Abusive Marriage
As a Christian, finding yourself in an abusive marriage can create conflict between safety and spiritual beliefs. Many people tell you want you should do or not do. I offer space to explore what is right for your spirit and what Gods want for his precious daughter. What was his plan for his children? And what his love and sacrifice mean to you now. Within you is the answer as the spirit talks and directs. As we question hard questions together. As you walk into the purpose of who God created you to be. 

I work online through Zoom,  and in-person in West Cork Ireland.

I do one-to-one sessions, groups, and workshops. Both in coaching and prayer ministry.

I am linked to, Christian community website, who net-works with churches in Ireland to create holy spaces,  houses of prayer, and churches without walls.

I have a heart for people and love to see the power of the cross in people's lives as it brings personal revelation, freedom and healing of lives. 

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Spending the Day Outside

Coaching looks at what is possible

However impossible the future looks, coaching offers you the opportunity to look and explore your possibilities, together we engage in a process that unlocks your potential and brings dreams into the flesh. Taking responsibility for our choices and behavior we challenge negative belief systems to break free to be who you were born to be. Finding purpose, meaning in your everyday life. Taking steps through goals and actions that move you forward to a happier you. 

Neon Painted Face

Embrace and love the hidden you
Finding yourself and what you are can be lost in the tunnel of time.  Let us walk through the journey of you to uncover the beauty within. As we release the fire into the world. Within all of us is a passion for what we do and who we are. But first, we need to embrace who we are and give permission to set us free. 

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