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Prayer Minister and Intercessor

Community Worker, Trainer and  Life Coach



500 Terry Francois Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

A Bit About Me


My Journey with the Lord has been eventful as he found me, one of his lost sheep, and brought me into his fold. Then began the Egypt experience as I learned to know him through his word and relationship. He guided me, taught me, encouraged me, and brought me through the most challenging times of my life. Leading me out of bondage with a firm hand and into the wilderness where I have found healing and training through his amazing grace. I look forward to walking into his promises as he restores me, my family, and my life. I have known brokenness as I have brought it to the cross and now can bring it for the cross. My heart is for those who have walked through brokenness, hopelessness, and despair. My experiences have shaped me and made me who I am, as the Lord has picked up the brokenness and put me back together. This brokenness brought me into prayer ministry and to its healing. I am not a finished work, but I have gained such a blessing and have witnessed the work of the cross in me that I now have a song of freedom to sing to a broken world, that I can not be silent. To have gained such knowledge and, be privileged to have worked and walked into the Holy of Holies of peoples lives and souls; has given me a testimony of the work of the Spirit; as he weaves through the unwanted patterns in our lives and puts together the colors of healing we call our soul. I have spent 35 years in leadership, group work, teaching both in the community and church. But nothing prepared me for the journey of Prayer ministry in Ellel. They say you are never the same, and we can agree on those who have undergone the journey. Going to the Bible College of Wales and learning about Intercession and Revival has shaped and molded me to reach out to others who have found themselves lost, confused, and overwhelmed. As survival of abuse, I have understood the many crossroads we can find ourselves and the loss of identity that has been stripped away from many women. I have found my way through pain, loss, and grief and have walked to the other side with Christ's love and patience as he has healed my broken heart. Set me free and shown me a better way. As a coach, community worker, and trainer, I may have many tools to share, but the real value I have to share is the work of the cross that has gone on in my soul through these experiences; I have gained knowledge that I can not but share. We cannot cross a line with worldly wisdom, but with God, all is possible, and with God, there is hope. However harmful it may look. I Know firsthand the carnage of abuse, but I also know the power of christ to restore. 

Work Experience

Ellel Ministries Nets 1-4

Bible College of Wales

I have had the privilege of going through all four levels of discipleship training and prayer ministry. The journey starts with yourselves and your own inner healing with Christ through prayer ministers who listen and follow the Spirit. I was able to take these gifts of prayer ministry and go on two missions, where we saw breakthroughs and healing as we lead others to work of the cross. It was such a testimony seeing what God was doing in the lives of those we served. 

The Bible College of Wales was an amazing journey and showed me the power of prayer and what God can do when we surrender ourselves to his will. Standing in the gap we can pray for others, communities and countries. It brings to my practice a genuine heart to care and pray for the needs of my service user. Not just in the moment, but through the weeks following. 

Church Leader

Underpinning my prayer ministry is my 35 years of experience in the church as a youth, women, and children leader. Teaching groups, providing entertainment and welfare needs. As a community worker, I have worked and have experience with Addiction, mental health, homelessness and so much more. As well as abuse in its many faces. I have worked with the empowerment of others, which is inclusive and respectful. Creating a safe space that is confidential and nonjudgmental. 


One day I came to a point where I could go on anymore. I was done. I had no more will or strength to go on. I cried out to the Lord and at that moment I saw him carrying his cross and falling down. In a split second, I knew I did not have to carry this burden any longer. It was suddenly gone as Jesus took it from me.  I felt his hand on me and was told I would be led out. Within two months I was led out of the abusive relationship.  I was left broken, alone, and lost.  And so began more journey to inner healing. The Church helped but did not meet me, where I needed to be meant. But Jesus did, as he lead me to Ellel. There I learned bible truths that not only healed my broken heart but put parts of me that had been lost through abuse back together again. He set me free from the bondage of sin not just my sin, but the sin of others and my past generations.  The wonder was to watch him also do the same with others. Before my journey, I understood the cross as a place to take my sins, but as I walked through my healing I have seen it as a place to heal my brokenness.  To restore my life and family. I have met his heart for me and his children. To find the keys of repentance, forgiveness, and Lordship that set us free, helped me see them as key to freedom, instead of condemnation. I understand the power of his name and blood and what he did in such a deeper way. I know my redeemer lives and not only saves us from death but from ourselves, and is able to save our Family and life. 

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Mission Statement 

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I believe Jesus is the son of God who died for our sins, was resurrected, and return to the father. To return back to the earth as our king.

That his work is to save us from our sins, heal our broken hearts, set us free, give us the Holy Spirit and restore all things. 

I believe in the father who loved the world that he gave us his Son, to die for our sin and by doing so allowed us to know him and come back to him. 

I believe in the Holy Spirit who cleanses us, teaches us, brings all things to our memory fills us with his presence. He is like the son and testifies of Christ. 

I believe in the Holy word as the word of God that is living and has power in our lives to change our hearts, convict us and show us how to live and become christ-like. 

I believe in the power of the work of the cross in our lives that through his blood, name, and work, he has overcome so we can overcome through him and his grace. 

I believe through him we can do all things and through him, we can conquer death and be resurrected from the dead.

through him, we can meet at the wedding feast and gain eternal life.  To live on this new earth in peace and joy

I believe in Satan, who is and was a liar from the beginning, the accuser and tempter.  But through Christ and his work on the cross we can overcome and all spiritual dark powers have to yield to him our Christ. 

I believe through him we can overcome our fallen nature as he brings us into his light and changes us and covers us with His righteousness. 

I believe through faith all things are possible. His words of promises are living and working in our lives. 

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