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Beauty to Ashes

We all have heard the success stories of others and for most of us, we are living our lives in survival in the day to today. We know there is more to life, but so far it has allured us. We feel trapped, alone, and helpless. when crises come we come to a crossroads and feel completely lost overwhelmed with emotion, not knowing where to go. 

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Creative coaching with Amanda will take you on a pilgrimage to YOU. To find the wisdom and truth which will unlock your passion for life, vision for the future, and expression of your identity which makes you uniquely YOU, beautiful and full of possibilities. Setting you free from the patterns of behaviour that have held you trapped and unable to move forward. By giving you a tool bag of knowledge and awareness which will set you free. 

You, too can re-create your own new story, going from Ashes to beauty, as you walk in freedom and passion for being whom you are, finding your passion for life, your vision for the future, and being the person you always wanted to be. 

Creative coaching with Amanda

Creative coaching with Amanda works with women and community groups at a crossroads after a loss or transition of life stage. Who wants to find meaning, identity, expression, purpose. And vision.  But struggle with dealing with loss, suffering from confusion, and a sea of emotions, and no longer know who they are?  Or what they want.


I am a coach and prayer minister who has worked with women and community groups for over 30 years.


I work with the transition of life stages, experiencing loss and building pathways for dreams to come true.  So you can walk confidently knowing who you are and what you what, with a clear path to a more fulfilled you with a new purpose.

Let your story begin

 Generational family patterns 

Prayer into generational patterns that have come down family lines and bring healing to your life.

Gain freedom from toxic relationships through prayer by braking soul ties that have kept out stuck.   

Get to the root of the matter as we go deeper into prayer and the Holy Spirit reveal hidden memories or gives revalation.


Womb healing Prayer ministry 

.Womb healing a journey to healing that can undercover rejection and so much more. 

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Let us explore together your pathway to possibilities!

Image by Daniel Koponyas

What do I  do now?
Life does not always go the way we planned.


We find we can experience loss and become confused, and life seems hopeless. Let us find new possibilities together.


For those who are Christians, we work with the spirit who reveals all things. 


With creative

coaching with Amanda, you are sure of confidentiality and a non-judgemental safe space to explore.  

Image by Adika Suhari

Is This Love? Where do I go from here?

Happy ever after happens in films, but for the rest of us, we need to work it out. Sometimes even walk out. As Christians, this is a time of conflict between heart and spirit. 

Looking at the River
Lost Yourself?

Let us help you find you. We can spend so much time looking after others, that we lose ourselves. Lets explore and find expression of identity and purpose as we uncover new and exciting layers of who you are. 
Dancing Woman

Find the meaning of life​?

"Is this all there is? " is a question that many ask. If this is you, you have been given the call. And now you are on the search. Let us help you find what is important to you as we explore what meaning is important to you that drives your passion and vision. 

I am here for you

I specialize in coaching for women, in all stages of life.

  • Career

  • Marriage

  • Christian Relationships

  • Abuse 

  • Divorce

  • Transition 

  • Crisis

  • Loss 

  • Identity

  • Spiritual

  • Purpose

Within us are possibilities, Join me to venture on a pilgrimage to the inner you. To unlock what is within, as you blossom. As we create new pathways to experience the fullness of life and who you are.

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Workshops, Where dreams come true, and brake through happens.

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Our groups are a fun place to explore. To find vision, purpose, and meaning in life.  In a safe and confidential space where you can find support and encouragement. Explore blocks and gain a toolbox of skills to move you forward in Life.  

In Class


The walking coaching

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Creative processes tap into the unconscious and hidden depths of your inner world. 

Come and explore and find what is hidden within you that is waiting to be released. 





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